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Delegate your HR and administrative management
Ensure total legal and financial compliance
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Send a commercial contract to your employee according to your terms and conditions


We hire them and take care of all the paperwork and legal obligations


You manage your team of collaborators from a single interface

A platform for you, a platform for your employees

With Jump, coordinate your processes and standardize your contracts on a single tool. Simplify the lives of your HR teams, strengthen compliance for your legal teams, and provide visibility and transparency for your procurement teams.

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most secure

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☂️ Gestion

Deep expertise in France

💳 Administratif

Payroll + Compliance + Benefits

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Portage Salarial or Coopérative

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A dedicated account manager to support you

Most precarious

Other Employer of Records

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> 2 days

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Imprecise expertise in > 130 countries

💳 Administratif

Payroll + Compliance + Benefits

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Portage Salarial

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€400 to 600 /mo

🤝 Accompagnement

A degraded experience with chat support

Le + sécurisant

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Démarrage en 24h

☂️ Gestion

Gestion totale gérée par un tiers de confiance

💳 Administratif

Délégation complète des  tâches administrative

📝 Contrats

Tous vos contrats, au même endroit

💰 Modèle

Modèle 100% flexible et évolutif

🤝 Accompagnement

Un account manager pour vous épauler

Le + précaire


🚘 Démarrage

Démarrage complexe

☂️ Gestion

Cadre RH et juridique non maîtrisé

💳 Administratif

Gestion complexe 
et multi-statuts

📝 Contrats

Risque de requalification important

💰 Modèle

Rétention faible de vos indépendants

🤝 Accompagnement

Une expérience dégradée

Le + Complexe


🚘 Démarrage

Motifs de recours strictes et encadrés

☂️ Gestion

Lourdeur administrative et risque prudhommal

💳 Administratif

Gestion RH lourde et contraignante

📝 Contrats

Comptabilisé dans vos effectifs

💰 Modèle

Complexités de ruptures et de renouvellements

🤝 Accompagnement

Un coût RH important

A service that satisfies everyone


Attract new talent without increasing your workforce

Human resources

Outsource HR and administrative management


Stay fully compliant with a professional employer


Gain a clear view of your budget and secure your payments

Jump, your ally in many situations


Additional resources

I need reinforcement but I don't want to increase my workforce.



I am replacing an absent employee (maternity/paternity leave, illness, etc.).



I am calling upon an independent contractor for a specific project.



I want to give more freedom to an employee to continue our collaboration.



I want to secure my fleet of freelancers by giving them the benefits of employment.

Did you know? 

Freelancers, fixed-term contracts, interim managers... companies juggle with a myriad of specific cases to address the evolving challenges of the modern workforce, risking HR teams becoming overwhelmed and non-compliant. With Jump, simplify the management of your flexible contracts on a single platform, in a simple and secure manner.

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