Jump secures your freelance adventure

Being independent is a life choice, the choice of freedom. But is also has a lot of personal and professional drawbacks : plenty of admin, no safety net, difficulties in buying or renting a home, to name a few. With Jump, this is history.

Get a permanent contract, borrow more easily

Being on a permanent contract with regular payslips will keep your bank happy and help you borrow money more easily.

Unemployment benefits + pension contribution

By being employed by Jump, you can access unemployment benefits according to the wages you pay yourself, whilst also contributing to your pension.

No admin, no accounting

With Jump, there is no admin, no declarations to make, no lawyer or accountant to work with. We take care of everything.

Manage your expenses

Invoice your expenses to your clients or reimburse them to yourself. It is a big leverage to optimize your finances.

No billing or customer limit

With Jump, you invoice as much as you want, there is no ceiling. You can also work with an infinite number of clients.

cumul portage salarial et autoentreprise

Compatible with any other status

You can choose to keep the other freelancer status you already use, or exclusively use Jump, it’s up to you!

No strings attached – You can leave whenever you want

Too good to be true? Here's how it works.

It is good and it is true. You, your clients and Jump together sign a commercial contract. Jump then offers you a permanent contract that will grant you all the benefits of being employed, whilst maintaining all the benefits of being a freelancer.

You benefit from all the advantages of a permanent contract: easier access to bank loans, access to unemployment benefits, contribution to your pension, as well as access to a great health plan.

Jump is more than a status

It is also a complete software suite

Jump – on top of offering the best status for freelancers in 2021 – has created a complete list of tools for freelancers to thrive.

Send and sign commercial contracts

In just a few clicks, you sign a commercial contract with your client.

Get a permanent contract with Jump

Once the commercial contract has been signed, we move on to signing your permanent contract.

Manage your professionnal expenses

Manage your freelancing operating costs as well as your mission expenses. These expenses will be reimbursed without hafting to pay social charges and will be a strong financial leverage.

Choose your salary at the end of the month

Following the payments made by your clients, you will be able to pay yourself the salary of your choice (within the limit of your Jump financial account balance).

Receive your payslips

You will receive payslips with the amount of salary you paid yourself, as well as your seniority at Jump.

Jump aide les freelances comme vous à sécuriser leur aventure.

L’onboarding et le produit sont top. L’équipe Jump est toujours disponible quand on a besoin d’eux.

Tom Benattar, PixelMe


no strings attached
  • Permanent contract
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Pension contributions
  • Expenses management
  • Payslips
  • 0 admin

It’s smooth sailing.

Jump also helps you to optimize your income.
  • No opening fees
  • No lawyer fees
  • No accounting fees
  • No banking fees
  • No commission on your turnover

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