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Unemployment contributions

"At Jump, you contribute to unemployment. This will protect you in case of loss of activity, or if you can no longer find assignments.


Work stoppages and parental leave

As a freelancer, you should also have the right to get sick. Jump allows you to benefit from work stoppages and to have children.


Retirement contributions

Retirement is prepared today. With Jump, you contribute to your retirement and it's quite advantageous!


Health insurance and welfare benefits

Benefit from the best health insurance and welfare benefits on the market with Alan: you will be covered in case of health issues.


Employment contract in 3 clicks

Benefit from a software suite that allows you to invoice, collect payments, and create your employment contract in just a few clicks.


You can combine Jump with other statuses

Do you also have an "auto-entreprise" ? Combine it with Jump to achieve high levels of financial performance.


Zero accounting, zero administrative work

Indeed, with Jump, there's no need to create a company, manage your accounting, or file declarations. It's simple here!


Professional expenses

Deduct your professional expenses from your revenue: transportation, meals, events, licenses, etc.


Professional liability insurance

For peace of mind, professional liability insurance covers you against disputes within the scope of your business activities.


Dedicated account manager

Every Jumper has their own dedicated account manager who knows you, follows your progress, and provides you with the best advice."


Invoice payment advance

No more payment delays, request the invoice advance option to receive your payments on time - paid feature.


Fixed rate, no additional charges

At Jump, there are no variable fees based on your revenue. Here, it's the same price for everyone, starting at €99/month.

The tool that replaces all your tools.

Jump dashboard


Invoice your clients in 2 clicks through the Jump platform and track the payment of your invoices.


Your clients make payments directly into your Jump wallet (no need for a business bank account).

No admin

We handle all the administrative tasks and settle your social contributions for you.


You choose the salary you want to pay yourself each month and enjoy maximum flexibility.

Professional expenses

Deduct your business expenses from your revenue and reimburse yourself net of charges, increasing your income.


Find projetcts through our network of partners where Jump is already referenced.


Increase your earnings by combining multiple statuses.

At Jump, we adapt to your needs and projects. If you want maximum protection, use Jump alone. If you want to optimize your income, combine Jump with a micro-business.

Are you using a micro-business, SASU, or EURL? You can keep it or close it, the choice is yours!

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